Shibu-cho 支部長

Matsumoto Yoshifumi sensei (left), Calvin Lo (middle), Kobayashi Toshiko (right)

Calvin Lo

Shorinji Kempo Wimbledon Branch’s Shibu-cho is Calvin Lo(668期生), who has the rank of 4th-dan, YONDAN SEI KENSHI (四段 正拳士), 2nd Class Examiner / Judge and DBS checked. Calvin maintains a close relationship Matsumoto Yoshifumi sensei and continues his training with sensei around the world.

About me

How I started..

I started my Shorinji Kempo journey at Durham University, UK in 2004.  I returned to Asia shortly after my master degree.  I received guidance from varies sensei along my journey of Shorinji Kempo YOUGYO (養行). 

Busen student…

I was in Busen course (武道専門コース) for year 2017/2018 in Hyogo prefecture in Japan.

My sensei…

My primary sensei is Matsumoto Yoshifumi sensei, seihanshi, 7th-dan, shō hōshi, douin-cho of Kakogawa Hioka Douin and WSKO Instructor. 

Wimbledon Branch is a sister club of 加古川氷丘道院 Kakogawa Hioka Douin in Japan.

Friendship clubs…

I am also closely connected with Kobe Municipal Fukiai High School’s Shorinji Kempo club in Kobe and 少林寺拳法(香港道場) Shorinji Kempo (Hong Kong Dojo).

Let’s practice Shorinji Kempo together.