Shorinji Kempo Kyu Grading

Our next kyu grading is on 27th Feb 2023, Mon.



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Next Kyu Grading

Attitude towards taking gradings:

Train everyday with full effort, and if there is a technique that does not seem right, do not give up till the end.

Kesshu, Gassho-Rei, response (返事), attitude toward listening, and every behaviour must be appropriate to the qualification.

Take grading with humility, and when you are warned or taught by the examiner, listen to them and self-reflect.


Shorinji Kempo grading system is to “evaluate if the examinee has developed techniques, knowledge and personality to the required level and successfully shown that in the grading.


Grading Application must be submitted 21 calendar days before grading.

You will be notify if you have met the requirements to take the grading 14 calendar days before the grading.

Philosophy home assignment/grading fee must be submitted 7 calendar days before grading.

**The required training time is the minimum requirement per kyu kenshi curriculum, and kenshi must know that completing the required training time does not necessarily mean that the candidate is ready for taking the grading.