Shorinji Kempo Wimbledon Branch

Shorinji Kempo Wimbledon Branch is part of United Kingdom Shorinji Kempo Federation, which again is part of the World Shorinji Kempo Organisation, regulated from headquarters in Japan

Shorinji Kempo is a dynamic Japanese martial art.  Its first goals are: self-defence「護身練胆」, spiritual growth「精神修養」and a healthy body「健康増進」.

The intentions of Shorinji Kempo are to develop the potential of the individual and create a balanced human being both physically and mentally.  Its intentions are to instil a student with the confidence needed to stand up for their ideals and the ability to defend their position.  In this way they can help others and thereby benefit society as a whole.

Wimbledon Branch was established in March 2018 and the Branch Master is Calvin Lo, who has the rank of 3rd-dan.  Calvin started his Shorinji Kempo study in Durham University, UK in 2004.  He has many great opportunities to receive guidance from varies sensei along his journey of Shorinji Kempo study, his primary sensei are Matsumoto Yoshifumi sensei, 7th-dan from Kakogawa Hoika Douin (WSKO Instructor) and Kobayashi Toshiko.

Matsumoto Yoshifumi sensei (left), Calvin Lo (middle), Kobayashi Toshiko (right)