Shorinji Kempo teaches effective self-defence utilising both hard and soft techniques – Goho and Juho.  This creates a system of self-defence built on technique rather than physical strength, meaning a smaller and/or weaker defender can overcome a larger and/or stronger attacker.  Seiho and meditation are also taught in the class.

Goho 剛法

Goho is the hard or active system of punches, kicks, dodges and blocks with a focus on accuracy, speed and attacking weak points on a body as opposed to conditioning of hands and feet.

Juho 柔法

Juho is the soft or passive system, used when grabbed or held against one’s will.  They comprise of releasing or throwing the opponent and applying locks to subdue them.  The two systems are used hand-in-hand to create a unique all round system of self defence based on technique rather than strength, capable of repelling any form of attack.

Seiho 整法

Seiho is a therapeutic acupressure massage system used to relax muscles, relieve tension and regulate circulation.

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