Shorinji Kempo is one in the World

Shorinji Kempo is the best martial art that is suitable for all age groups and both genders. It helps you to gain confidence and improve health, so that you are better equipped to protect yourself and your loved ones.

As there is only one school of Shorinji Kempo, the teachings, techniques, and educational system is the same everywhere in the world.  This allows you to train and foster new friendships wherever you go.

There are many techniques in Shorinji Kempo.  Our curriculum helps you to plan your study, one step at a time (zenzen shugaku 漸々修学).

Curriculum – same teachings and same techniques worldwide.

In Shorinji Kempo, you will be able to participate in events worldwide.  i.e. Training Camps, Study Sessions, World Taikai or even attending a training at your next holiday destinations.

University Training Camp in Headquarters in Tadotsu, Japan


World Taikai in California in 2017


Summer Camp in UK with excellence instructors from Sweden and Japan


Study Session in Spain


WSKO Rome Branch during a personal trip


Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 22.09.56
WSKO Singapore Branch during a business trip
Busen Study Group in Japan