Shorinji Kempo focus on developing human beings who can contribute in society instead of martial artists, and further, cherish and develop the Shorinji Kempo culture that teaches not to compare or compete but to cultivate self-esteem through serving other.  – Yukki So, December 2019.

The person, the person, the person, everything depends on the quality of the person. So Doshin.

Our founder, So Doshin, saw that “given that everything is conducted by people, then there is no other way to achieving real peace than to make as many individuals as possible with strong senses of charity, courage, and justice,” and so he created Shorinji Kempo. The purpose in this was not to make strong people or people with great technique, but to work through the practice of Shorinji Kempo and through people’s work to acquire healthy bodies, indomitable courage, and well-rounded character in order to make individuals capable of leading happy lives. At the same time the purpose is to nourish in them the courage and enthusiasm that will allow them to act aggressively to achieve a peacefully and prosperously ideal society, and to raise people well endowed with good judgment and a sense of justice who will serve as true leaders.


Half for one’s own happiness and half for the happiness of others.

This is is the guiding principle of Shorinji Kempo.

Realising that the only way to improve the quality of society was through developing individuals who can cherish others as much as themselves, Kaiso founded Shorinji Kempo as a method of human development with its teachings, techniques, and educational system.

“Half for one’s own happiness” – believe in potentials and work to improve yourself (jiko kakuritsu).

“Half for happiness of others” – using one’s strength for improving society and the situation of others (jita kyoraku).

If one can use their own strength for others and cause joy and happiness, an even greater happiness will come back to them. This is the way Shorinji Kempo advocates and how we can live together happily.